Who We Are:

We have rented 100s of cars all over the world. It was after a horrible experience in Costa Rica that we decided there needed to be a service where travelers could review specific rental locations.

Most car rental agencies are chains. You'll find Budget all over the United States, and all over the world. The sad reality is while these large chains advertise a consistent positive experience. the reality is quite different. Your experience will vary considerably based on the location of the rental. Renting from Budget in Dallas, TX, is going to be vastly different than renting from Budget in Panama City, Panama.

We wanted a car rental review service that would enable us to review  specific locations. No longer can a location treat customers horribly knowing that they can get away with it because of the brand of the chain.

What was our bad experience?

How about a rental agency that forced us to wait in line for over an hour without acknowledging us and with only one other person in line. Afterwards this agency forced us to sign up for all of the insurance otherwise they would place a deposit of $5000 on our credit card. A fee on top of the agreed upon rental fee. As if that wasn't enough when we  returned our car this horrible agency decided to charge us for a scratch that was on the vehicle when we picked it up.

Unfortunately, that was not the first bad experience that we had. Most agencies are honest and we want the honest agencies to stand out from the bad ones. This website will allow you to find any agency in the world and to leave a positive or negative review.

Finally, a service that will hold these agencies accountable for how they treat customers.

It's what we've all been waiting for.

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